Is your mechanic shop leveraging the best tax strategies?

Auto repair shops work hard to build credibility in the communities they serve. Certified repair technicians, reasonable prices and reliable service can sustain the financial health and longevity of auto repair shops. And these are precisely the areas where auto shop owners need to focus their efforts on, particularly if they’re facing competition from new entrants in the local markets. Another critical function that needs to be in order and can directly impact the shop’s revenue is accounting. But auto shop owners have little knowledge of implementing, operating and upgrading accounting software. Outsourcing the job is a smart and cost-effective decision that enables auto repair shops to keep running smoothly.


  1. Track billable hours in an efficient and error-free way
  2. Manage inventory and expenses smartly
  3. Invoice in a matter of seconds
  4. Manage all aspects of daily cash flow in an informed manner
  5. Run payroll in a timely, compliant manner
  6. Integrate new online payment solutions that make customers happy
  7. Meet all tax obligations stress-free


Monthly financial reports can highlight cash flow, job costing, inventory and other metrics that tell you what’s going well and where you need to increase your focus. Numbers don’t lie: get powerful insights into how your team’s hard work and your business development efforts are translating into profits/losses. Take timely action to stem issues that are bleeding money and step up on opportunities that can improve profit margins.

Turbocharge your business!                               

Talk to our friendly Public Business Accountant to understand how you can set up an efficient accounting system and accelerate your business goals.

Qaiser (Ali) Ali, PBA, BBA, BA (Hons)
Accounting, Finance and Tax Consultant | SAR Accounting &Tax Solutions