Are you following the best practices of legal accounting?

Law firms that have already outsourced their accounting are enjoying peace of mind knowing that their matter costs and client funds are being managed compliantly. Those that haven’t are struggling with the complexities and risks inherent in legal accounting. If you belong to the latter group, SAR Accounting & Tax Solutions is a phone call away. We leverage our specialist knowledge and sophisticated accounting software to establish a robust accounting system for your firm.


  • Implement strong internal financial controls for revenue and expense monitoring
  • Secure client funds and prepare 3-way reconciliation reports to meet fiduciary obligations
  • Track hard costs, soft costs and third-party costs to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Create a cash receipts journal showing fees, expense reimbursement, overheads and client costs paid
  • Maintain individual client ledgers, including non-billable charges and invoices
  • Create an accounts receivables journal capturing receivables billed but not received
  • Provide the big picture about your law firm’s financial health


Monthly reporting provides the most recent status on billing, cash flow, book balance, bank balance, client ledger balance, various expenses and invoice payments. Leave the time-consuming and complex effort of legal accounting to us, so you can focus on business development and ensure a healthy work-life balance.

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Qaiser (Ali) Ali, PBA, BBA, BA (Hons)
Accounting, Finance and Tax Consultant | SAR Accounting   & Tax Solutions