Is your consulting company consistently profitable?

The business consulting industry is booming, but it is also facing a threat from technological advancements that enable a self-service model. If you’re a small or medium-sized consulting firm, you may be grappling with challenges ranging from low-cost competitors and increasing client demands to market unpredictability and pay-for-performance models. As you find yourself increasingly busy with core business activities, the need to outsource accounting will inevitably arise. Our accounting firm can oversee your accounting function cost-effectively so you can invest your time in delighting your clients and implementing strategic business actions.


  • Keep track of financial ratios to understand your firm’s health
  • Identify operating trends to make quick improvements
  • Determine a reasonable budget and financial forecast
  • Act decisively on potential merger and acquisition opportunities
  • Maintain accurate financial records
  • Move flexibly in response to market uncertainties
  • Stay compliant with tax laws

Monthly financial reports allow you to compare financial ratios and performance from month to month, rather than a quarterly comparison. Access to essential financial information when you need it also helps you take a more well-rounded approach to decision-making. Monthly reports can contain basic and specific financial information that enable you to make the right strategic choices.

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Qaiser (Ali) Ali, PBA, BBA, BA (Hons).
Public Business Accountant | SAR Accounting & Tax Solutions Inc.