Does your construction business have a strong accounting backbone?

Construction accounting and bookkeeping can be a complex beast given the greater range of service categories provided various direct and indirect costs incurred on a project, and the calculation of break-even point on custom projects. Thankfully, SAR Accounting & Tax Solutions is around to categorize costs and expenses, prepare accurate financial statements, and maintain error-free, up-to-date financial records. Our accounting efficiencies and financial management insights are helping our construction industry clients advance their business goals agilely and confidently. 


  •  Make accurate job costing calculations
  •  Develop realistic budgets
  •  Calculate profit margins correctly 
  •  Unlock tax savings
  •  Implement a suitable revenue recognition method
  •  Improve operational efficiencies
  • Stay compliant with applicable laws

Monthly financial reporting is even more important for contractors and construction firms that may be working on multiple projects with numerous category items. We help your business establish or improve your accounting system, tracking costs and overheads, and – depending on how revenue is accounted for – provide clarity into profit and loss on individual projects. With a proactive approach to financial accounting, interweaving strategic actions into project planning and management is easier, purposeful and ultimately impactful. 

Let us handle the number crunching!     

We would love to understand your business and solve your unique accounting challenges. Our Public Business Accountant is waiting to hear from you. 

Qaiser (Ali) Ali, PBA, BBA, BA (Hons). 
SAR Accounting & Tax Solutions Inc.

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