Rameez Ali



My Bio

Rameez’s priority is 100% correct number calculations. He is willing is do whatever it takes to ensure his clients know they can trust him with numbers. He focuses on making sure his clients are not left thinking whether they are getting the correct benefits after reporting bookkeeping numbers on their taxes. Most importantly, Rameez is extremely honest and sincere which is apparent in his work etiquettes.

My Expertise

Rameez has a unique understanding of numbers. He has over 2 years of experience in the field of Accounting and Bookkeeping. Therefore, he is very detail oriented when it comes to ensuring that the numbers are correctly calculated and reported on financial statements.

My Hobbies

Rameez is a key player in his City’s Volleyball Team. He’s been playing Volleyball for over 10 years. He also enjoys road trips and likes to cook in his free time.

About Education

Rameez is currently enrolled in Bachelor of Business Administration. In the near furture, he plans on pursing Masters in Accounting.

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